On 5th April DOLLS, Dedwardians and MOLAR brought their garage rock and punk sounds to Sebright arms. With their alluring and exciting stage presence they created an amazing energy for the music loving crowd. I would happily ask every band back to play whenever they want. There’s a lot to come from all three bands and I can’t wait to see what else they bring to the stage.


molar edit 2

MOLAR, Photo by Kelly Chard


Newly formed Molar bring an intriguing attitude to their performance. Not giving too much away on stage evokes an unsaid power that is not very common in performers today. Contrasting against this with their in your face, punk, girl gang chanting they bring something really interesting to the stage. ‘You can be one of us’ stated in ‘Courage Sandwich’ (the first track on their demo) it’s clear that this is a band with a soul and a heart to go with it and you should definitely join their gang. With quick, sharp songs that get to the point in no time these girls are the perfect punk band to get you riled up.


Dedwardians edit 4

Dedwardians, Photo by Kelly Chard


Dedwardians bring a dark and twisted rock ‘n’ roll; which is something I am fully on board with. From start to finish the band give everything in their power to give the best show they can and they don’t disappoint. With a dirty, distorted vocal from frontman Gautrey, jangly guitar riffs that could be in a Tarantino film, devastatingly dark basslines and drum beats that bring the whole song alive Dedwardains have got the perfect combination for rock ‘n’ roll. Together with their electrifying stage presence you will definitely see a lot of messed up mosh pits along the way. Buy all their stuff and go to every gig, fool.


DOLLS edit 3

DOLLS, Photo by Kelly Chard


Headliner’s for this night were the incredible DOLLS. You couldn’t find another lovelier, talented duo if you tried. I set up We Can Do It Promotions for all the amazing, ambitious female musicians that get overlooked. This band are the epitome of a strong female line-up. With Jade’s dirty, striking riffs that Hendrix would be proud of, hitting extraordinary notes Aretha would bow down to and whacking, great drum beats from Bel that would make Mr Grohl stand up; these girls are something extremely special. You can see the passion through every strum, every hit and every smile that beams across their faces during the performance. Along with truly creative lyrics ‘When he was born he ate five meals a day, Oh his meat was raw, he ate mud and clay’ they are definitely going places and it won’t be long before every reviewer is writing about them. DOLLS are badass AF.

Thank you to all the amazing bands for being a pleasure to put on, to Sofia for doing an amazing job with the sound, Loretta at Sebright for letting me put this on and every person that made it down!

We Can Do It Promotions x



For our launch party we had four amazing bands with punk influences perform for us at legendary venue with a retro character: Fiddler’s Elbow.



The Potentials. Photo by Eloise Campbell

First on the bill were queer punk, Buffy enthusiasts THE POTENTIALS. The first time I saw these guys was at DIY space for London supporting Skinny Girl Diet and I knew I wanted to book them. Along with some killer songs about Buffy, Feminism and the awkwardness that occurs when people don’t know the difference between Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, they draw you in with their sharp wit and warm personalities. Having a shared passion for gender equality that resonates through their songs made them a perfect choice for WCDI.

P.S. Thanks for all the goodies guys! So sweet!



TommyAndMary. Photo by Eloise Campbell

Next on the bill were the loveable punk duo TommyAndMary. You can see the passion that runs through the veins of these two. As a band that is constantly busking just to be able to play all the time this is a band that deserve more than most to be heard and they definitely are that! With the crowd they brought with them you can tell already this is a well loved band and we all can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the future. With some ridiculously catchy songwriting from Tommy and heavy drum beats to die for from Mary this is a band to look out for. WCDI loves TommyAndMary ❤




Team New Band. Photo by Eloise Campbell


Team New Band are a band I’ve known for a little while from Brighton. The first time I saw them live I fell in love with their songs and stage banter. If you want a band to put on a show for people to bust out some moves to then Team New Band are your band! With the on stage chemistry between lead vocalists Maddy and Mark and the clear banter going through the band this is a gang everyone wishes they were a part of, and with their invitation for the best dancer to join them for a cameo you might be able to do just that!




Team New Band. Photo by Eloise Campbell


Headlining the WCDI’s launch party were Long Teeth, one of my favourite new bands. If there was a definition of cool this band would be it. Sam’s inventive songwriting and striking vocal paired with Jade’s grooving bass and beautifully matched vocal make this band. Along with Alessandro’s subtle marching, rhythmical drum beats these three are the perfect trio. If you don’t want to sing very loudly along to ‘Famous Girls’ then there’s definitely something wrong with you.

Thank you so much to all the amazing bands for playing such great sets and generally being so lovely and of course to Fiddler’s for having me on my first show. Can’t wait to see what’s up next. Watch this space ______.