For a while now I’ve been wanting to put on a charity gig and then on 7th June the Brock Turner case was all over my news feed. It reminded me that there are still people out there willing to defend and make excuses for sexual violence. It has become a crime that no longer shocks some people and it is continuously happening through poor education, greed and power. I’m fed up of hearing about victims clothing and their behaviour being any kind of a warrant for this crime. I’m also fed up of this ‘lad culture’ that has become so popular where boys pick apart girls, look down on them as if they’re a piece of meat and think it’s okay in any way to intimidate them. So I organised a charity gig in aid of Rape Crisis; an extraordinary organisation set up to help these girls and women to rebuild their lives after sexual violence. It also helps people around the victim to learn how to make things easier for them in their every day life.



Skinny Milk, photo by April Arabella Collins

Kicking off the night were Brighton band Skinny Milk; a garage/rock duo of killer bass lines and pulsating drums. It was really important to me to get such a great all male band for the gig to show how much male support there is out there for sexual violence victims. So far this year I’ve come across so many men ready and willing to speak up about important issues like this which is so vital in wiping out this vulgar attitude towards women. With a worthy front man like Johnny the band is propelled to new levels. His energy and passion for what he’s doing exuberates off him and transcends into the crowd. Whirling his bass around like it’s his weapon of choice the audience are captivated. Along with drummer Tim’s earth shattering drums the pair spark quite a reaction. Having only started the band in January they already have a great record of gigs behind them and a great future ahead of them. Thank you guys for the shout out and being the loveliest fellas!



Dolls, photo by April Arabella Collins

Welcoming back Dolls is a pleasure to say the least. As soon as I started organising the night I knew they would be fully behind this great cause. With new song ‘A Bubble Bath’ in their set these ladies are only getting stronger and more intriguing. ‘We are either goddesses or whores, Beautiful or sluts, but we are artists, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, scientists, doctors, teachers. Anything, Anything Anything’ powerful lyrics pour out of Jade’s mouth as she lays out the thoughts beautifully going through every enraged girls mind. Lyrics like these prove these musicians are here for more than just a few chords and a drum solo. They have something to say and you need to listen. Finishing with crowd pleaser ‘Killing Time’ they have the front row of the crowd in oar of the talent that oozes out of them. With a shout out from Findlay herself, Jade and Bel are gaining more and more fans and it’s clear their momentum isn’t going to be stopping anytime soon.



Findlay, photo by April Arabella Collins

When I first started this promotions company never did I think I’d be able to put on one of my favourite bands; a band I’ve loved for years now and have inspired me in multiple ways. As soon as I asked Natalie to play from the word go she was totally up for it and encouraging towards the event. It’s so refreshing to work with bands who care more about important issues like this than making money. Having not played London for a year Findlay fans were dying to hear new material and they weren’t disappointed in the slightest. Cracker ‘Wild & Unwise’ being released this Halloween channels the desert blues that the band have perfected over time. Oldies ‘Your Sister’ and ‘Off and On’ still make the bill as crowd pleasers and the audience are content and exhilarated hearing the original Findlay bangers. Proving she’s the contemporary queen of blues; Natalie’s vocal soars through Valentines beauty ‘Sunday Morning in The Afternoon’ and ends in mesmerising psychedelic sounds from guitarist Ben Simon. Heating the room up to the max the crowd were left in a sweaty, fulfilled mess and animated about the new songs. The band pull together an energising set from start to finish and confirm why we missed them so much in the first place.

With everyone’s amazing encouragement and support we managed to raise over £1000 for Rape Crisis. I’m so happy to be able to give such a big chunk of money to a life changing organisation. Thank you so much to everyone that came down to Shacklewell, Skinny Milk. Dolls and Findlay for agreeing to play and giving such great sets and Gigslutz for featuring us. Keep your eye out for another one dedicated to this amazing charity sometime next year!