On 18th July Swampmother, Dirty White Fever and Coldredlight brought their fusions of blues, grunge, rock and hip hop to The Old Blue Last. All three bands brought their own style, stage presence and were a pleasure to witness. Thank you to all the bands for being so lovely and professional to work with.


Coldredlight 4

Coldredlight by April Arabella Collins

Together only but a year this London Duo casually enter onto the stage like it’s something that comes so naturally to them. Creating dynamics in every which way they have perfected a set for audiences to be wowed from start to finish. With Gaby-Elise’s raw, beautiful vocal, desert blues guitar sounds and Casper’s multi-instrumentalist qualities (and when I say multi-instrumentalist qualities I mean playing bass and drums at the same fucking time! Say what?!) make this band a fascinating watch. ‘Take back the hate’ Gaby repeats on ‘Little Scorpion’; a belter of a tune with beautiful lyrical content throughout and gloomy blues soaked through. They have a great mix of delicate, melodic material along with heavier, moody bangers. Coldredlight have a bright future ahead of them which I’m sure they will take with the grace that flows through them. 


Dirty White Fever 8

Dirty White Fever by April Arabella Collins

 For a band to not be compared to another band every minute of the day is one of the biggest triumphs I personally think a band can have. If I was to be asked to write down what band Dirty White Fever sound like I would spend my day twirling my hair around and doodling on said paper. Having a love for a variety of genres that they’ve poured into this band has given them the creative edge that drives their music into the soul of many a life. Dominic’s raw, gritty vocal with plenty of power blends perfectly with the heavy, psychedelic/blues infused guitar riffs. This teamed together with Leon’s soul jumping hip-hop beats create the most intriguing and inspiring sound. With a live performance to awake anyone from the grave they are one of my favourite bands to see live at the moment. Not only do this band have the sound to shout about they actually have opinions and topics to shout about too. From love and anger to Activism and Equality they have plenty to say and they’re not scared to shy away from it. ‘This next song is about asking for your privileges’ (laughs from the audience) ‘no I’m serious, guys you need to sort yourselves out.’ was a heart melting moment for myself. At the core of this promotions company is simply to show the world that women should be equal to men and for men to not only support that message but frequently speak up about it is amazing. Thank you for totally bringing it.


Swampmother 5

Swampmother by April Arabella Collins

Headlining the night were grunge filled Swampmother. Proving that you don’t need four plus band members to make a great sound they hit the stage with head banging heavy, dark, blues riffs and a wall of constant drum beats that travel all the way through you. With a fierce vocal from Alex the audience are completely consumed by the pair. It’s obvious that Alex has carefully constructed her guitar and vocal sound from how it commands the stage. Gems like ‘Hidden’ are somehow delivered with both a powerful and vulnerable feel. ‘Oh, I wish I was…hidden away’ ripples straight through the audience creating a heart-warming and clear message. With rage filled full band shows and slightly more delicate solo shows they are the perfect headliner for any type of gig. With a solo tour with Lucy Rose coming up later on in the year Swampmother is definitely one to look out for.

Love you all, We Can Do It x