OH MY LORD. My first ever sold out gig. This was the best feeling ever. This month we brought an anti-valentines gig to Old Blue Last together with Get In Her Ears Radio. We all know valentines these days is just another commercial way of making money out of us. In many cases the romance has gone and you’re left with a predictable bunch of flowers and a teddy bear. Love is a feeling you can’t buy and something you don’t need to spend your whole payslip on so I thought I’d put together a great line-up for people to come to instead of the usual dining experience. 



Dirty White Fever. Photo by April Arabella

Untamed, dirty and wild are three words I would describe Dirty White Fever with. Dominic continues to tear up each stage that he enters and leaves the crowd in bewilderment everywhere he goes. This Brighton duo have the perfect combination of body popping beats, filthy guitar tones and raw blues vocals. Dirty White Fever record beautifully but to truly feel the songs you have to get down to a gig to fully grasp how insane this band are. One of my favourite bands to see live by far.



Saint Agnes. Photo by April Arabella

Saint Agnes…how many ways do I love thee? After a long struggle I was finally able to nab Saint Agnes from their busy schedule for a main support slot. These guys certainly know how to get the crowd ready and they don’t stop until everyone in the room is ore struck. Watching Saint Agnes for me is that same feeling you get watching Kill Bill’s Black Mamba assassinating an army of protectors. It’s just totally badass. You get that heart pumping, adrenaline all through your body that stays with you until they leave the stage. Not only do they have the earth shattering drum beats and orgasmic guitar riffs but their chemistry is mesmerising and electric. Sharing the front stage can sometimes be distracting for the audience but Kitty and Jon’s voices entwine beautifully and they equally lead the band into an exhilarating climax.



Yassassin. Photo by April Arabella

Yassassin are the perfect headliners for a We Can Do It night. They blast through all of the important issues women have in today’s society backed with a serious amount of talent and passion for the music. Dirty bass and an eerie guitar sound start new song ‘Pretty Face’ where they sing about the manipulation that goes on every day that can get unnoticed and very overlooked. It’s clear Yassassin want to make the world a better place and will not stop the fight until this (sometimes scary) world is put right…and for this we bow down to them! All of this, matched with the combination of deep, sultry vocals and chanting girl gang choruses make this band the perfect example of feminism.


Thank you to every single person for coming down to help this night sell out and to all the bands for giving unbelievable performances. I will never forget this night. EVER.



Photos by April Arabella. Words by Kelly Chard